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Banner: GambOS Alpha 3 released

Welcome to GambOS

In an effort to promote the beauty, ease and power of Gambas3 a few projects where started aiming at:

1. Project GambOS: Easy available distribution for beginning developers with Gambas3 development environment pre installed;
2. Project HowToGambas3: As set of good guides to learn develop applications with Gambas3;
3. Project Gambas3 ShowCase: Show off what can be done with Gambas

Project 'GambOS' aims at point 1, a Linux distribution that is pre installed with all you need to start programming in Gambas (an Object Oriented Basic for Linux).

What is GambOS?

GambOS, as a distribution, aims at being a learning environment for programming in Gambas3. It is based on Lubuntu, and stripped down from unneeded ballast.
Part of the common desktop applications have been replaced by ones written in Gambas3. This to show and enjoy what can be done with Gambas 3, while still learning the skills.
GambOS comes with the Gambas3 Development Environment pre-installed.

What comes with GambOS?

Development environment

The complete Gambas IDE (development environment) pre-installed.

Gambas applications

  • About This PC: an application providing you with some basic info on your system.
  • DebianPackageInstaller: an application for easy browsing to .deb installation packages and install them.
  • Gambas Learning: an application that acts as a learning center for Gambas (see project 'HowToGambas3' for more details.) and provides access to download the HowToGambas3 guides.
  • Gambas3 ShowCase: an application that acts as a software center for Gambas3 applications (see project 'ShowCase' for more details).
  • gbEdit: The default text editor for GambOS.
  • ShowCase MetaPackager: an application to prepare your Gambas3 written applications for approval to be added to the Gambas3 ShowCase (see project 'ShowCase' for more details).

As GambOS evolves, more Gambas written applications will be found pre-installed.

Other relevant applications

  • Firefox: A webbrowser pre bookmarked with relevant Gambas websites for enhancing your Gambas knowledge.
  • Gimp: An image editor for the graphical work needed.

What is the current status of GambOS?

Check the Latest news for current status is GambOS development.

How can I get GambOS?

GambOS is available in ISO format and VirtualBox OVA format from the Download page. Instructions for installing are also on that page.


Here are some images from the current release of GambOS
GambOS boot GambOS Login screen GambOS Desktop
About This PC GambOS Logout screen